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img5Jane is a Trafford Councillor, and part of a small hard working team.
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Written on 31/03/2016, 19:59 by Jane
is-timperley-community-centre-under-threatIs Timperley Community Centre under threat? Cllr. Jane Brophy has become concerned about the future of the well-used popular Timperley Community Centre,...
Written on 07/03/2016, 14:23 by Jane
closure-of-trafford-magistrates-court-and-altrincham-county-courtClosure of Trafford Magistrates’ Court and Altrincham County Court threatens access to justice - local Liberal Democrats warn. Trafford Liberal...
Written on 07/03/2016, 14:22 by Jane
nhs-patients-with-a-delayed-transfer-of-care-in-traffordStaggering new figures highlight the problem of NHS Patients with a Delayed Transfer of Care in Trafford Liberal Democrats have launched a...
Written on 07/03/2016, 14:19 by Jane
ford-lib-dems-on-frackingFracking Motion – Trafford Full Council 20th January 2016 Trafford Liberal Democrat Statement:  Cllr Jane Brophy said: ‘Trafford...
Written on 14/06/2015, 17:53 by Jane
thank-you-for-your-support-in-altrincham-and-sale-westThank you to everyone who voted for me as Liberal Democrat candidate for Altrincham and Sale West. I was well supported by our amazing team of Trafford...
Written on 07/03/2015, 14:58 by Jane
nhs-spendingHere is a recent Trafford Lib Dems political column on 'NHS spending ' in the Altrincham and Sale Advertiser. A&E waiting times have dominated the...
Written on 07/03/2015, 11:50 by Jane
lib-dems-green-homes-initiativeGreen Homes Initiative The Liberal Democrats have relentlessly pushed the green agenda over the last five years in government, in the face of strong...

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