Gov must step in to pay council tax during Coronavirus crisis

The Liberal Democrats are calling on the Government to pick up the bill for council tax payments to ease the financial pressure people are facing as a result of the coronavirus. 

The proposals would save residents in Trafford an average of nearly £400 over the next three months.

The party’s proposals include a complete moratorium on payments for all households in Bands A to E, and a 50% reduction in payments across other bands. The Treasury would make up the shortfall in tax revenue with direct payments to councils.

The Liberal Democrats would like to see these measures implemented for a minimum of three months, with an option to extend the scheme as required. 

Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Trafford Jane Brophy said: 

“Millions of people are facing financial hardship as a direct result of the coronavirus crisis, and urgent action is needed for struggling families.

“Councils and local authorities provide vital services and must be able to continue that work. That’s why Liberal Democrats are calling on the Government to foot the bill until the current crisis passes and people can start to rebuild.

“In Trafford people in Bands A-E are being asked to pay an average of £1,500 in council tax this year. As the coronavirus crisis escalates, thousands will be unable to pay, and may fall into trouble if steps are not taken to suspend payments.

“Councils have been hit hard by government funding cuts over the last five years. Every penny is now vital to ensure Trafford Council can continue to operate.

"Under Lib Dem proposals, councils would receive equivalent funding from central Government, to make sure they can continue to provide the services that people in Trafford rely on.”

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