Homeless figures: "expose consistent failure of a system that simply doesn’t care"

The Liberal Democrats have warned that today's ONS figures on homelessness highlight the gross incompetence and lack of priorities from local and national politicians.

The party warned the numbers could still be missing thousands of more people trapped in "hidden homelessness".

According to the latest ONS figures, the North West has the second-highest rate of homeless deaths, with 103 people dying on the region's streets in 2018.

In Manchester alone, the figures suggest 19 people died. This ranks the city with the third-highest mortality rate in the country.

Senior Lib Dems have slammed both local and national politicians for a critical and consistent failure to tackle homelessness.

Jane Brophy, Liberal Democrat MEP for the North West, said:

"We are the fifth-largest economy in the world, yet homelessness figures continue to make grim and heartbreaking reading.

"Whilst the Tory Government put a gun to the head of the economy with its reckless Brexit policy, it continues to be the poorest in society who will be hit hardest.

"These numbers are likely to just be scraping the surfaces. Big cities like Manchester and Liverpool often have a deep-routed 'hidden homeless' crisis and we must take on the causes.

"Brexit needs to be stopped so we can tackle issues like this."

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