Lib Dems unveil plans to save future of clubs like Bury FC

Senior Liberal Democrats in the North have released plans to save the future of football clubs like the struggling Bury FC.

The plans released by the Liberal Democrats today set out a bold vision to ensure the financial security of professional clubs in the region.

In a joint statement today, Jane Brophy MEP, Chris Davies MEP and Councillor Andy Kelly said:

“With 134 years of history set to be wiped at midnight, the North West Liberal Democrats are calling for radical action to save Football League clubs which are being hit by financial and mismanagement issues. The reckless actions of Steve Dale are proof of this. 

“The lack of financial support Bury FC has received from the football community demonstrates that now is the time for political parties to step forward and find a solution to their problems.

“Lib Dems are therefore calling for the immediate creation of a means-tested ‘Greater Manchester Football Fighting Fund’, which each of the region’s professional clubs will contribute towards.

“This will help preserve the historic footballing institutions that our city has become so famous for and ensure staff can rest assured that their jobs are no longer hanging in limbo.

“Finally, we insist Steve Dale sells the club at the earliest possible opportunity. It cannot be right that one man’s actions can hold a much-loved institution such as Bury FC to ransom.

"Our plans today will mean that history does not repeat itself.”

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