Lib Dems: "Westminster blind to knife crime in Liverpool"

The Liberal Democrats have warned that Westminster is becoming blind to the regional knife crime crisis after revealing nearly 2,000 incidents in the last twelve months.

The party is calling for "immediate nationwide action" to pull Liverpool back from breaking point following a BBC Panorama special investigation tonight.

The new figures obtained by the Liberal Democrats show a staggering 1,885 knife crimes in Liverpool in the last 12 months alone.

The worrying figures include five deaths and 16 counts of rape involving knives.

Liberal Democrat MEP Jane Brophy warned that Westminster's obsession with London is pushing Liverpool to breaking point:

“Knife crime is often portrayed as an issue that only affects London but here in the North West, we are approaching breaking point.

"These figures clearly show the problem is hitting other cities too and I'm terrified that Westminister is becoming blind to knife crime anywhere outside of London.

"Brexit may be making the headlines but families are being torn apart. The Government must not be distracted by Brexit and take immediate action.

"Tackling this issue will require serious investment, resources, tenacity, compassion and time. But we must make our streets safe and it must be a priority."

Kris Brown, the Liberal Democrat candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner added that the concerted effort must be focussed on regions, not London:

"Knife crime is an issue affecting communities up and down the country but the limelight has been too focussed on London. Here in Merseyside, our communities are facing the same issues, as these terrifying figures show.

"There must be an urgent and immediate concerted regional effort to stop knife crime by investing in prevention, education and increased police officers.

"The Liberal Democrats are the only party committed to putting the effort and resources into tackling this regional crisis.

"My top priority as the Liberal Democrat candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner is to abolish my own position and use the money to fix this once and for all."

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