MEPs warn: Neutral Brexit position will be the end of Labour

A neutral position on a second referendum could be 'the end of Labour', the Liberal Democrats have warned.

Today Corbyn and McDonnell have suggested that in a People's Vote on Brexit, Labour's official position could be 'neutral'.

Liberal Democrat MEP Jane Brophy has warned that it could be a fatal decision: 

"Anyone who suspected Jeremy Corbyn might be a Brexiteer has been proven right today. In proposing a referendum but failing to declare his support for Remain, Corbyn has left the country in no doubt as to his preferred outcome.

"Brexit is the single biggest threat facing the country, and the person who wants to be Prime Minister can't even muster the strength to oppose it.

"Far from letting his own party down, his lack of opposition lets the whole country down and, if pursued, will be the end of Labour.

"Corbyn has proved yet again that the Liberal Democrats are the only Remain party which is capable of winning a parliamentary majority to stop Brexit once and for all."

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