North West Lib Dem MEPs welcome Luciana Berger

North West MEPs Jane Brophy and Chris Davies have welcomed Luciana Berger to the party, saying she joins 'a new type of politics'.

The MP for Wavertree resigned from the Labour Party in February and has recently served as an Independent.

The former Shadow Cabinet Minister is the latest in a stream of MPs to defect to the unapologetically pro-EU Lib Dems.

In a joint statement, North West MEPs Jane Brophy and Chris Davies said:

“We’re so excited to welcome Luciana to the Lib Dems. She is a fiercely passionate MP and we know she will feel right at home in Britain’s real progressive, pro-European party. 

"As the dominant Remain force in British politics, we are seeing more and more people, including sitting MPs, moving to our party.

"Sadly though, Luciana has experienced the dark side of politics, both in and out of her own party — but that changes now. She is joining a new type of politics and we couldn’t be happier.

"Make no mistake: the Liberal Democrats are the home of decent, liberal politics in Britain. Anyone, either in Parliament or out, must recognise this and join the only party fighting to Stop Brexit and bring back tolerant politics.”

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